Jurnal Penelitian Kebijakan Pendidikan (Journal of Education Policy Research/JPKP) is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal published periodically by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology's Center for Education Standard and Policy.  Issued biannually in August and December, the journal published research and analysis-based articles that cover a range of education policy topics such as education management, educational evaluation, curriculum, educational technology, and educational innovations.

The first edition was published in 2007 under the name of Jurnal Penelitian Kebijakan (Journal of Policy Research) with ISSN 0216-2792. Along with the journal development, the publication frequency has changed from once every three months (three publications per year) to once every six months (two publications per year).

In 2019, JPKP shifted its publication management from printed journal to the digital-based Open Journal System (OJS).

Throughout its existence, the publisher of this journal has changed its name three times due to the nomenclature changes of this MoECRT-affiliated organization. The first Edition of Volume 1 in 2007 was published by the Center for Policy Research (Puslitjak), whereas its third Edition of Volume 9 in 2015 was published by the Center for Education and Culture Policy Research (Puslitjakdikbud). This lasted until the Center for Education Standard and Policy was listed as the new publisher's name in its first Edition of Volume 15 in 2022.

JPKP is for academics, researchers, education policy analysts, education policymakers, education practitioners, educators, college students, and the public who have an interest in the development of education in Indonesia.